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wbTeamPro v3.0 Highlights

With nearly a year of development since it's predecessor, wbTeamPro 3.0 is packed with features and updates. The following are just some of what you'll find in the latest installment of wbTeamPro Project Management for WHMCS.

wbTeamPro Administrator Project Dashboard wbTeamPro Administrator Dashboard

Dashboards provide a snapshot of the critical data that needs your attention.

wbTeamPro v3 Dashboard Sample
wbTeamPro v3 Action Sample
wbTeamPro v3 Action Sample
wbTeamPro Actions Tree wbTeamPro Editing Actions Tree Node

Dive into task management with action level files, discussions, and tickets.

Ticket Display Project Tab Ticket Time Tracking

Support Ticket Timelogs help you monitize your time and track resources.

wbTeamPro Example Plugin wbTeamPro Client Profile Integration

Build your own Plugins, or connect external applications via our Web API.

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